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Why It’s Interesting

Look professional

By providing a unified email signature, with a template based on your colors, your logo, you look professional. This common look and feel contributes to create your brand.

Communicate on Events, Products and Services

It has never been easier to communicate. Just create a banner to invite people to a new event, to present a new product or remember to your customers your existing service offerings.

Call to Action and Generate Leads

By providing the right Call To Action while creating the banner, your email recipients may click to fill a meeting invitation, download the new product datasheet or browse a new use case about your services. You generate leads!

Communicate in seconds

Once your banner is updated on the server, all already sent emails, and new emails, have the right banner. It is really updated. No more banners with invitation meeting for last year or last product. EVERY banner is updated in any emails and reinforce your current message.

Plan Communication Campaigns

You can plan the communications you want to display in the email signatures by indicating campaign beginning and end date and time. You can plan christmas and new year banner a few weeks before it happens. They will be displayed at the right date and time!

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Why It’s Easy

Create and deploy email signatures

User informations are merged in a signature template, where are integrated brand logo, user photo and communication banner.

Analyze Trafic and Adapt Your Web Communication Strategy

Look trends, analyze numbers. Stats may be analyzed with all the information provided by the user mail agent (outlook, gmail…) from IP address, date and time and requested content as with web server stats. Identify efficient banners and understand your users behavior.

Apply different email signatures for differents groups and users

Each group (organization, enterprise, department, service…) may have its own signature, with its own template so it is possible to communicate in a more precise way.

Use Signatures on All Software, Operating Systems and Devices

The solution is available on all mail software (Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird…), on all devices (iOS and Android), included smartphones and tablettes and all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

Don’t Worry About Signature Updates: It’s Automatic

Once installed and configured, email signatures are updated automatically. Users don’t need to do anything more, they just send mails as usual and marketing service can plan campaigns according communication and marketing strategies.