More tests

Sending/Receiving/Answering an email with:

  • standard mail applications: Outlook on Windows, Mail on Mac OS X, Thunderbird, Evolution on Linux
  • smartphone applications: iPhone, Android
  • cloud applications: Gmail, OWA (Outlook Web Access)

Installation system

According the system or the application you are using, installation may be more or less simple. Programs may help you to make this an easy process.

Template management

The application currently provides only one template and you need programming skills to add a new one.

Ttemplate management will allow you to add your own signature template very easily and respect specific rules such as css inlines.

Advanced tracking system

The application currently provides very basic stats such as print and clicks stats for banners only, without neither information about date and time it occurs, nor information about default redirections.

Advanced tracking system will provide you a dashboard with all the information you can extract from print and click logs, in relation to users (photo → blog, social media), companies (logo → website) and banners, so you can explain what’s happening and, more importantly, do it happen again.

Embedded resources

It is important to have a dynamic image if it may change often. The banner is in such a situation. In contrast, the user photo and the corporate logo almost never change.

Embedded resources will provide a flag to indicate the behavior for the image. If it must be embedded then it is base64 encoded and directly stored in the signature, otherwise the image is stored as an url and loaded each time a mail is read or a new mail is created.

Image optimization

Image must respect specific size so it displays well in most of the devices.

Image optimization module will automatically convert images to the right sizes.

Misc. Improvements

Make active redirections overlaps easy to detect.


Translate the plugin in other languages than english