To increase feedback, provide a banner with a Call To Action so your reader can download a white paper, join a meeting... Analyze statistics and see which topics interest your customers.

Create Call To Actions

Take advantage of your day-to-day communication to improve your image and your notoriety without changing any habits of anybody in your organization.

A very efficient
communication channel

Easy installation and administration makes configuration a snap. Create a company, a few persons and that's it. Send the signature to the users so they can install it. Nothing more for the end users...

Install and Configure

Schedule your banner. Schedule your call-to-action. Analyze traffic and detect which topics interest your customers.

Schedule Your
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Why using eMail Signature Manager?

I send a few tens of emails a day. Email signature is a great opportunity to communicate on new business services my customers don't know and could take profit on.

Laurent Kermagoret

Laurent Kermagoret

Notary website

We are a small team, about 15 people, and we send about 200 emails a day. We regularly create banners with call to action such as 'Downloading ECM use case in our email signature.

Alexandre Bertrand

Alexandre Bertrand

Alfresco specialist website

Your email signature is your first communication channel

Writing and exchanging email is our business way of doing, whoever we are. Your recipients are eager to hear about you and a pretty email signature with informative message is so natural it doesn’t hurt people. In contrast, they see your signature as a very effective channel.

Create banner with call to action in your email signature

You totally control the banner in the email signature. At any time, even when the signature is installed in your colleague’s mail application. You can schedule banners so it is always the right message which appears. We suggest you to schedule them on a monthly basis.

Install once


Current version is provided as a WP plugin. Just download and active from the WP extension dashboard. A future cloud application is on the way and will be available soon.

Configure your company with name, logo, phone, baseline…, then your users with business information such as role, email, phone, social links…
Set Signature

Once configured, send the signature to your colleague so they can install it. It is a one task job. Signature updates are automatic.

Manage Your Communication Strategy

Schedule Banners

Create and schedule appealing banners. You totally control, in a centralized way, what appears in your colleague’s signatures.

Create and schedule links on the previously created banners so your recipients click to get info, join a meeting…
Analyze Traffic

When reading an email or following your call to action, specific counters are updated so you know which banner are read and which links they have followed.

Communicate as Usual

Write eMail as Usual

Create a new mail. As a user, you will maybe see a new banner in your signature. It is automatically updated based on the scheduled communication strategy.
Send eMail as Usual

Just send your email as you did before. Your recipients will receive your mail and your communication. They may click if it is of interest for us.
Look professional

Every group in your organization has the same signature and communicates on the same message. Your company looks professional. You look professional too.